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Created on 2012-01-09 23:35:58 (#1405309), last updated 2012-02-13 (292 weeks ago)

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Name:AU!RP, home of Tori/Silver/Jeb
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angst, bacon sandwiches, curry, declan isaiah parmalee, devlin godby, donovan is an asshole, drama, elise cynthia crawford, emotional confrontations, faith "faye" lynne parmalee, flamma the ninetales, fluff, gtfo donovan, horrible things, humor, hurt/comfort, jeb bottoms to everyone, jeb is so moe, jeb turning silver into a sap, jeb's awesome cooking, jeb's curry, jeb's mom is cool, jebbi is insane, joan edna burnett "jebbi" parmalee, john edward brunett "jeb" parmalee, mayflower "may" nicole crawford, no jebbi no, over 9000 daddy issues, pokemon, ramen, sara torturing silver, sera rose crawford, silver (vincent vittorio), silver needs hugs, silver x tori x jeb, silver's possessiveness, sinnoh, slightly darker and edgier, smut, solaris the espeon, team rocket is scarier than ever, terare nicholas parmalee, threesome relationships, tori and silver tsuning at each other, tori and silver: team fail cook, tori braiding silver's hair, tori fangirling cynthia, tori's protectiveness, tsunderes, victoria "tori" marie crawford
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